Where it all started

Beginning in the 1950's when Neil Vogel, company president Rick Vogel's father, began a career exclusively dedicated to building custom homes in Winter Park, Florida. Vogel Building Group carries that proud legacy into the 21st century with stunning showcase homes in the most prestigious communities.

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Building on Tradition

Just as Vogel's business is built to last, so too are his homes. Specializing in high-end custom homes with a level of quality and attention to detail rarely seen in today's market, Vogel Building Group constructs homes destined to be hallmarks of design and luxury for generations to enjoy. A creative approach to fusing traditional architectural styles with today's technology driven, high-speed way of life, and a commitment to hands-on project building, clients can rest assured that they will receive incomparable quality delivered with a personal touch.


Continuing the Legacy

Three generations of experience in building quality, custom homes.

St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City

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Iron ceiling supports in Rome

Rick Vogel has traveled to many locations in order to study the details of Olde World architecture. From Rome, Venice, and the Tuscany region of Italy, to the Andausian region of Spain, we try to recreate the details and finishes on old buildings, cathedrals, and residences. This will give you the client a resource for custom features on your home instead of the regularly available products seen on other custom homes.


Custom home built by Vogel 

Custom home built by Vogel 


Vogel Building Group's management portal gives you complete knowledge and peace of mind at anytime.

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More quality, more value and more hands-on involvement than you’ll find anywhere else.

  1. Our team of qualified and committed designers, craftspeople, administrators and supervisors work together to ensure that the home you build with VBG meets your needs, satisfies your standards and, most importantly, fulfils your dreams.

  2. Company President Rick Vogel travels the world in search of architectural inspiration, which he finds in such diverse places as ancient Roman baths and Renaissance palaces. He then translates the European elegance he finds into homes designed for today’s lifestyles. 

  3. Our in house accounting and legal representation allows our client the satisfaction of knowing their legal concerns and financial budgets are being taken care of on a daily basis. Your budget and allowance reports will be available promptly upon request.

Quality is in the details 



Vogel has been a part of Bella Collina from its beginning - building several of the original homes constructed, including homes for the prestigious National Street of Dreams! This experience has given us an in depth understanding of the development, its home sites, and stunning architectural styles. Today, Vogel exclusively concentrates its attention on Bella, and this focus affords our clients the time and attention needed to deliver outstanding custom homes at very competitive pricing.   


Vogel provides every client with peace of mind in every aspect of their custom home experience – from start to finish, and project budgeting is no exception. VBG has on staff accounting to provide you with up-to-date budget information so you will always know the status of your investment.  With three generations of family experience behind Vogel, you can not only be confident of how your home will be constructed but you can also be confident of the continued support you’ll receive after you move in.


Hands on Supervision: 

Vogel’s emphasis has always been to build quality, not quantity. Each client must have the confidence that who they hire will get the job done. With this in mind, the Vogel family – not its employees or their contractors – are the ones supervising every part of construction. This direct, personal relationship assures a Vogel client of a luxury experience not just a luxury home. A combined 44 years of custom home experience allows Rick and Drew Vogel to render the daily attention to details that Vogel’s clients expect, and gives the client the ability to communicate directly with the people who are actually responsible for their dream home.



Vogel understands that clients have already indicated their desire to live in an exclusive, one-of-a-kind community by choosing to live in Bella Collina; therefore, Vogel has a mandate to build a home that is a tribute to the client and their desires. Vogel uses a limited number of premier architects and designers who, when paired with the client, will be able to put the client’s dream to paper. As an alternative, Vogel stands ready to work with a client’s preferred architectural and design team and has readily adaptable plans available for clients who need a starting point. No matter the method, Vogel wants your home to stand above the rest and is ready, willing, and able to deliver a beautifully crafted home of distinction.


          You've dreamed about it. You've thought about it. You want it. A custom home for you and yours to enjoy for years. From start to finish, Vogel Building Group is here to help you every step along the way.

          From your first meeting with Rick Vogel, company President, or Drew Vogel, Rick's son and company Project Manager, you'll know your dream is in good hands. Supported by Rick and Drew, you'll sleep soundly knowing that Vogel Building Group will not only deliver you the keys to a beautifully crafted home, but they've created a real connection with you, the client - this is the "Vogel Guarantee."
         Vogel Building Group assures its clients that they "get what they pay for" by aligning itself with only the most reputable tradesmen and suppliers, and, even more importantly, prides itself on timely completing every project trusted to its care.
Contact Rick Vogel of Vogel Building Group to start learning more about getting on the path to building your dream.

While the process of building your dream home may seem daunting, it isn't when you know the steps:

 1) Dream It. You want a new home for you and your family. You have a list of your needs and desires. You know the lifestyle you want to lead.
2) Choose Bella Collina. Resort living at its finest, you want to live at Bella Collina. With many home sites to choose from, you can't go wrong finding a beautiful location for your beautiful home.
3) Establish a Budget. The home of your dreams is a significant investment of your time and money. Before committing to the process, you need to know how much you can - and want - to invest. Working with financial planners and bankers, you need to know just how much you're comfortably willing to commit.
4) Choose Vogel Building Group. Firm in the knowledge that you're going to build at Bella Collina, choose Vogel Building Group as your partner. With Vogel Building Group at your side, you know that your decisions are well-made and that your time and resources are invested to produce the finest product - your dream home.
5) Design It or pick one of our designs. Vogel Building Group will work with you and your architects, and the necessary engineers to put your dreams to paper, and secure all the approvals from the necessary authorities. Our team of interior designers will work with you to ensure your visions for colors, finishes and style are realized, within your budget.
6) Finalize Finances. All the preliminary work has been done, you need to finalize your finances. Whether it's a closing at a bank or committing your own funds, now is the time to fully commit.
7) Build It. Shovels are turning dirt, the materials are on the way, and the professionals from Vogel Building Group are on site to make sure that things are done right and done on time. During this time things are moving at a considered pace, but Rick or Drew would be glad to have you visit the site so you can see your dream becoming reality.
8) Move In and Live the Dream. Your dream house is done. It's been cleaned, polished, and all the necessary officials have signed off on it. Rick Vogel will hand you your keys, and watch you smile as you begin your new life. Even after you move in, however, Vogel Building Group will be with you over the course of the coming year to make sure that your house is everything you dreamed it to be.












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Vice President

Rick Vogel

Drew Vogel
Project manager